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Sheets: Need easy way to embed Image and add URL to Cell. We are a volunteer disaster pet group that relies on volunteers to enter data into spreadsheet. I heard there is a script that allows users to copy the Google Photo URL into a cell that will format it as an embedded Photo AND URL. Our volunteers (many not tech savvy) are confused with ...


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The Image function offers another way to insert images inside cells in Google Sheets. This method is a bit more complex, but it also offers an additional degree of customizability by letting you choose the size of the image inside the cell.Open a sheet in Google Sheets. Place your cursor in the cell where you want the referenced data to show up. Use one of the formulas below : To link data from the current sheet: ={A1:A3} Where A1:A3 is the range of cells from your current active sheet. Use curly brackets for this argument. To pull Google Sheets data from another sheet, use ...

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1. You can do this by linking to the URL of a Google Drawing, steps below: Create a new drawing in Google Drive (right-click in any folder in Google Drive, "More", "Drawing") paste your image in there. File -> Publish to web -> As Link, Start Publishing. Copy URL provided and go to Google Sheet cell you want to insert.The following formula can help you to split values within your Google Sheets spreadsheet based on any given character (or delimiter) within the cell. In the below example we used the character ” ” (space) to split first names and surnames from the values listed in Column A.

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